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Speed, Reliability, Access, Service and Cost
  1. Incredibly Fast, Stable, Execution Platforms

    Our platform was originally designed for high volume proprietary traders where speed, ease of use, reliability, and risk management are paramount.

  2. Multiple Exchanges

    We have access to the CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, and  EUREX exchanges for both futures and options on futures.

  3. Low Intraday Margins

    We offer some of the lowest margins in the industry including $500 intraday margins on the ES, NQ, and YM.

  4. Money / Risk Management

    One of the most important factors trading any market is risk management. We can electronically enforce customer requested daily loss limits to help the trader manage risk and limit losses.

  5. Low Fees

    Our rates are inclusive of all Exchange and NFA fees. We do our best to be as competitive as possible without sacrificing service and support. If you are currently trading somewhere else then let us know your monthly activity and current rate and we will do our best to meet or beat that rate.

  6. Fast, Friendly, Customer support

    Most calls are answered within three rings by current or former traders who know what it is like to be in your shoes. They do the best job they can to make sure your issues are resolved in the most efficient manner possible.

  7. Strategic Partners

    We partner with Education, Computer Technology, and Software vendors. We want you to be as educated as possible and use the best technology the market has to offer.