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Speed, Reliability, Access, Service and Cost
  1. Incredibly Fast, Stable, Execution

    Speed and stability are paramount when actively trading the futures markets. Choose our free Trade Pro Trinity platform or one of the many other 3rd party platforms for low latency execution.

  2. Futures Spread Trading

    Our Trade Pro Trinity platform and connected 3rd party platforms can recognize when futures contracts are part of a spread to offer reduced margins. This is largely based on CME SPAN margin and is not limited to exchange traded spreads. Our Margin Calculator can be used to enter in each leg of the spread and their ratios to estimate the margin requirements prior to execution.

  3. Options on Futures

    Many of the same strategies that are used to trade equity options can be applied to options on futures. Platforms like our Trade Pro Trinity platform will allow you to create user defined spreads at the exchange so that one may enter the entire spread using a spread price and reducing or eliminating the risk of not being filled on all legs of the trade. We offer more many advanced options trading platforms that offer features like risk analysis modeling and RFQ or request for quotes.

  4. API Trading

    Create your own Custom Apps! Directly access the low-latency, accuracy, and reliability of our trading network. This powerful interface allows you to create applications that react to your custom market triggers, execute trades based on algorithms, create customized trading platforms, execute black-box models, manipulate back office data and more. We also offer 3rd party API's from the industry leading software vendors like Rithmic, CQG, Trading Technologies and CTS.

  5. Multiple Exchanges

    We have access to the CME, CBOT, NYMEX, COMEX, ICE, Small and  EUREX exchanges for both futures and options on futures.

  6. Low Intraday Margins

    We offer some of the lowest margins in the industry including $750 intraday margins on the ES, NQ, and YM.

  7. Money / Risk Management

    One of the most important factors trading any market is risk management. We can electronically enforce customer requested daily loss limits to help the trader manage risk and limit losses.

  8. Low Fees

    Our rates are inclusive of all Exchange and NFA fees. We do our best to be as competitive as possible without sacrificing service and support. If you are currently trading somewhere else then let us know your monthly activity and current rate and we will do our best to meet or beat that rate.

  9. Fast, Friendly, Customer support

    Most calls are answered within three rings by current or former traders who know what it is like to be in your shoes. They do the best job they can to make sure your issues are resolved in the most efficient manner possible.

  10. Deliveries

    Customers can take physical deliveries of commodities . Detailed instructions about delivery and load out procedures will be given to you once you inform us of your desire to take delivery. Please contact us for information about specific products.