Options on Futures

Buy and Sell Options on futures. Get spread credit for your legs.

Many of the same strategies that are used to trade equity options can be applied to options on futures. Platforms like our Trade Pro Trinity platform will allow you to create user defined spreads at the exchange so that one may enter the entire spread using a spread price and reducing or eliminating the risk of not being filled on all legs of the trade. We offer more many advanced options trading platforms that offer features like risk analysis modeling and RFQ or request for quotes.

Dom Trading Order Entry!

Futures Traders who have been trading from a Dom will find entering orders on options very intuitive. It provides traders with ease of operation, clear trade visualization, volume at each price level and fast entry to capitalize on today’s markets.

Trading DOM

  • Easy to see trade visualization
  • Single click order entry, modification and cancellation

Options Charts

  • Easy to see trade visualization on the chart
  • Chart underlying instruments and options.
  • Single click order entry, modification and cancellation from the chart

Options Chain

  • View calls and puts
  • View Option Greeks including Delta, Gamma, Theta, Rho, Theoretical Pricing and Implied Volatility 
  • Trade directly from the options chain

Options Spread Order Entry

Option Spread Orders

  • Take advantage of CME SPAN margins by executing your entire spread at once.
  • Create and execute User Defined Spreads at the exchange.
  • Execute spreads using spread price.
  • Eliminate Risk of not getting filled on one of your legs.


Margin Calculator

CME Span Margin Calculator
Calculate margin requirements for options and futures.

  • Determine margin requirements prior to executing the trade.
  • Create spread scenarios on options
  • Determine margin requirements for inter commodity futures spreads.


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