​<span id="__caret">_</span>​<span id="__caret">_</span><h4>CQG has multiple products that cater to many different trading<br /> styles and approaches. The workhorse is their CQG Trader platform. <br />The gold standard is their CQG Integrated Client. Additional products include the CQG Spreader, CQG Mobile, CQG Data Factory, API offerings and several more.</h4> <p>CQG TRADER is ideal for the high performance trader whose focus is on execution and does not require technical analysis tools. The key features of CQG Trader are tracking positions, viewing market activities and executing orders instantly.</p> <p>View the CQG Tutorial here </p> <p>
</p> <h5>KEY FEATURES</h5> <ul> <li>CQG’s DOMTrader, a depth-of-market (DOM) order execution tool, provides transparency beyond the best bid and offer.</li> <li>A powerful Order Ticket that is a DOMTrader® and order manager all in one. Its depth-of-market view provides buy/sell buttons and a set of order management windows.</li> <li>Trade more than one market seamlessly using the four tabs in DOMTrader.</li> <li>Quote Board displays open, high, low, last, and net change.</li> <li>Order Desk attaches to any CQG application, such as quote boards or chart.</li> <li>Access account details including working orders, filled orders, account balance, open trade equity for futures, unrealized profit/loss for options on futures, collateral on deposit, and more.</li> </ul> <p><strong>CQG Integrated Client</strong> is a full service package with charting that other industry competitors have been imitating for decades. Its ability to combine, link and reposition numerous features makes CQG Integrated Client a state-of-the-art platform. CQG Trader gets the job done, CQG Integrated Client gets the job done with flair.</p>


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