Sierra Charts

Trade Pro is a premier provider of Sierra Charts offering multiple data feeds for futures and FOREX. Sierra Charts is an excellent charting and execution platform.  It is one of the best values in the industry. 

Sierra Charts provides advanced order entry options!

If you are using the wrong trading platform, order submission and trade management can be a timely and error prone process. Sierra has easy to use  powerful order entry and trade management functionality.

Trading from a chart provide traders with ease of operation, clear trade visualization and fast entry to capitalize on today’s markets.


  • Easy to see trade visualization
  • Single click order entry, modification and cancellation
  • Can be use with Advanced Order Types with multiple profit targets and stop orders

Chart-based Order Entry

  • Easy to see trade visualization on the chart
  • Single click order entry, modification and cancellation from the chart
  • Can be use with Advanced Order Types

An industry leader in trade management!

Advanced Order Types include multiple profit targets and stop loss orders, one-cancels-other (OCO) orders, auto-breakeven stops, trailing stops and much more. This feature can significantly enhance trade performance by automatically submitting all entry/exit orders.  

  • Easily specify multi-stage exit parameters
  • Single check box to create an auto-breakeven stop
  • Highly configurable and easy to use auto-trail stop

comprehensive market analytics tools

Regardless of what markets you trade, what style of trader you are or if you require real time or end of day analytics, the NinjaTrader trading platform provides you the tools to analyze the markets and your trading ideas in a flexible, customizable and user-friendly manner that helps you trade better.

Advanced Charting

  • Powerful market visualization
  • Multi-time frame and multi-instrument analysis
  • Market Profile
  • Advanced Studies and drawing tools




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